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Elevator is an utmost important tool in this modern era, it helps to bring convenience in metropolitan lives and leads to advancement and prosperity of human-being, thereby, the efficiency, safety and comfortability of an elevator are inevitably having an impact on countless amount of people every day.


About Hualong

Hualong established in 2005, where its services include development, manufacture, installation, reformation and maintenance for: escalator, moving walkway, elevators for passengers, goods and motor vehicles, and elevator without machine room. With the demand of R&D, Hualong Kunshan manufacturing plant had started its operation since 2014.


While caring in the society and be self-motivated are the key for the world amelioration as a whole, we strive for excellence via four crucial factors: C, A, R, E, which also has the means of care, is the goal for Hualong in a long run.

A – Aestheticism

Hualong’s mission is to provide all-round service to fulfill customer’s satisfaction, apart from seeking perfections in the operation of the machineries, we wish every passenger will experience a joyful journey in our elevators. Hualong is endeavoring to serve the merge of technology and art in our products and services.


R - Revolutionary

In order to cope with the limitations in lives and technology, avoiding past experience set a footage for solutions, we constantly cerebrate through new angles. We believe in contemplation of breaking through the stereotypes and open up a new prospect, we are eager to think, to do.


E- Easement

Advancement in technology is the keys to create convenient and stability in lives.
We do not only aim to provide an excellent journey, but we wish to extend the “Care” into all of our stakeholders including the management teams of the elevator and landlords.


C – Cutting-edge

Despite we proactively introducing most advanced production equipment for quality outcome and products, we see R&D as a priority value.


Kunshan Manufacturing Plant

In 2014, the Hualong Kunshan manufacturing plant had officially started its operation to meet the demand of development. The size of the factory reached 16,570 square meters. Regardless of having 78-meter-tall elevator testing tower and a production line of a 23.5-meter length with 9-meters width for escalators, we had implemented an internationally-lead automated production line.

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