R - Revolutionary

In order to cope with the limitations in lives and technology, avoiding past experience set a footage for solutions, we constantly cerebrate through new angles.
We believe in contemplation of breaking through the stereotypes and open up a new prospect, we are eager to think, to do.

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As cities age, older commercial centres need to replace ageing escalators.
Old escalators malfunctioned due to scarcity of old parts and limited on-site space.
Hualong has developed a revolutionary Escalator Revival Plan.
Older escalators are revitalised saving 30% on the cost of replacing the entire escalator.

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Hualong always see client comes first, we continuously develop and import new technologies. A comprehensive maintenance program was developed especially for aged yet unrepairable escalators in archaic architectures.
To express our concern for this program, our chief engineer collaborated with external teams in Japan, Taiwan and more, for researches and discussions.
Renovating old escalators has been welcomed in Mainland and internationally.