C – Cutting-edge

Despite we proactively introducing most advanced production equipment for quality outcome and products, we see R&D as a priority value.

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The control system and software design are the heart and soul of any elevators.
Hualong teamed up with University of Macau for system development since the starting stage.
The V-Tech Elevator Control System was invented after 8 years of R&D with trial and improvement.

Elevator manufacturing certifications


We have been awarded "特种设备型式试验证书" from the National Elevator Inspection and Testing Center.
Products include: Traction passenger lift, elevator for passenger without machine room, patient bed only elevator, panorama elevator, traction cargo elevator, elevator for passenger without machine room and motor vehicle elevator.
All the above conforming the standard of certificates listed as follow: TSG T7007 – 2016 《电梯型式试验规则》, GB 7577 – 2003+XG1 – 2015, EN 81-20:2014 and EN81-50:2014.